International Partner Meeting

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The national and the regional associations of Arbeit und Leben are organizing a partner meeting for active and future partner organizations from 5 to 7 October in Hamburg.
The aim of the seminar is to network and exchange with existing and new partners in various workshops, to develop new exchange and mobility projects, to prepare already planned exchange programs and to evaluate our previous cooperation in order to further develop the quality.
The focus will be on the future perspectives of youth exchange and youth mobility, as well as the challenges for European values and political education to reach more marginalized young people in the transition from school to working life.
We would like to ask you to already make a note of the date in October and for a short feedback until 24.04.2022. In a survey you can indicate your willingness to participate and are invited to share ideas for workshops, methods or projects you would like to of-fer, discuss or present in the program.


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